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Webspresso Rosemont 2000 Report.
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Photos and news of the 2000 International Colletibles Expo, ICE, Rosemont, Illinois.

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First 5 WOWsie minutes
Laughing like old friends should!
Dinner at the Red Lobster
Storm & Carol - our new WOWsies
Apres dinner games & prizes
Pris & MaryLiz ~ what is she doing?
Our Sherie ~ super nice lady!
J'net models her WOWsie shirt
Sunday morning at the breakfast table
Smile, Smile, Smile!
Liz Smith gets the WOWsie Spirit!

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THB signing a resin piece
Head Bean & WOWsies
Gary & Sally
Sally & Gary
I know, I know but it IS my website!
Head Bean and Sharon!
Boyds Hospitality Room
Pris & Jeannette & Prototypes
We were asked not to show them on the web - sorry!
Everybody's Sweet Heart
Harry Croft
Gary~ signing away
Gary & Furry Friend
Boyds Teapot
Judith G "Sock Monkey" piece
I LOVE this!
Boyds String-Alongs

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Selkirk Artist Peter Holmes
I went home with one of his beautiful paperweights
Head Bean Hisself
The lovely Jennifer from CheckerBee & co worker
The Tooth Fairy - AKA Will Bullas
Webspresso Faerie meets the Tooth Fairy!
Les from the Selkirk Booth
Liz Smith
Harry & Millie Croft
Dave & Linda from
The first smile I saw every morning
Diane Combs & Boyds Artist
Mr C became a WOWsie fancier
The talented and delightful Judith G
Yes, he's a WOWsie now! Ladies, we got him!
Chris Spice and Brian Baker
Peter Stone - Horse Artist- Booth

Even the Artists must lend a hand!
Betty Boop and Guy
(yes, that's his name!)
Updated Version of a Cardew Classic
Rosemont Paint Can

Donald Duck
Teapot contest design winner

New Mary Poppins Teapot
New Cardew Design Nativity

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The Late Princess Diana's Famous Dress
Peeking in from the walk-way

Harmony Kingdom Booth
Harmony Kingdom Signing

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Since many of the show events have been nicely covered in other reports, I am going to report on my personal highlights of my trip to Rosemont.
My Rosemont Trip
by Sally
Monday / Tuesday ~ Starting with the train travel~ my trip was off to a great start with the lucky positioning of my seat neighbors. Next to me was Gayle, who I believe would like to become a WOWsie! A very nice lady who was returning home after visiting her family in Colorado for her birthday celebration. Across the isle was a darling "jeune fille" , Diane, and her father, Eric. They were visiting from France.  Diane spoke fluently, her dad was holding his own pretty well, but we had some humorous moments communicating. I got to try out a bit of my rusty high school French - I had forgotten how much I enjoyed trying  to speak French, it's a beautiful language. Gayle had to leave us one stop before Chicago, we said good by and promised to be in touch. Since we had time to kill in Chicago, Eric, Diane and I went to my favorite layover stop, an Italian restaurant across from Union Station, Ranalli's.  We had a lovely time, and struck up a dinner friendship with 2 of Chicago's Finest. They presented Eric with a wonderful souvenir, one of the patches from a Chicago police uniform! Very impressive.

Wednesday ~ After being on the train for 18 hours or so, I think I took 3 hot baths from Tues. night to Wed. morning! I walked to the commuter train from the hotel and went downtown for the day. I visited the Art Institute and had an enjoyable time. After that I went to Marshall Fields and had a look around - tried on dresses, did girly things like that!  Was to have had dinner with a friend, but business came up on his end and that fell through. Had a fun time later down at the lounge at the hotel, playing darts, chatting, etc. The only folks around on Wed. were basically the artists and company people. I got a chuckle later in the week when I walked by a Harmony Kingdom signing with a line a mile long. I happened to glance over at the artists doing the signing and realized I had been playing darts with one of them on Wed night. Never asked him what he did, just his name! Oh well, it's probably better that way, at least for him!

Thursday ~ Hit the show bright and early - got in about 8:15 and high-tailed it over the Boyds Booth to get photos before the show officially opened at 9. Met up with Harry & Millie and made lunch plans for later on in the day. Spent most of the day just walking the show.  Had a wonderful dinner that night.  Some of my buddies were kind enough to include me in a night downtown at a fabulous place called "Famous Daves". It's a blues place with incredible music and great food! Just what the doctor ordered after being holed up at the hotel for a couple of days.  Rosemont can get gloomy if you aren't keeping busy. There is nothing to do to kill time, no place to walk to. In fact, it's not really set up to even go outside for an enjoyable walk. Just a vast sea of hotels and highways. So my night on the town was very much appreciated, and the company was very enjoyable!

Friday ~ Friday was my most anticipated day! Had been looking forward to seeing "my girls" all year!! Oh, how can I even explain the joy and pleasure of meeting everyone - it was overwhelming! The first to arrive was Michelle, Sherie and Jeannette. Pris arrived just in time for dinner. We met up with each other before dinner and immediately had a fit of the giggles! Ladies, remember taking the photo with my camera's self timer?  Michelle invited two lovely ladies to join us, Carol and Storm. By the time we got back from dinner, Sharon and Mary Liz had arrived! How much fun we had! I am grinning from ear to ear just thinking about it!!
We all became comfortable friends quickly. The dinner, games, prizes and bonding were excellent! I had to leave about 10:30pm for a meeting (you meet with people when you can at Rosemont, everyone's on a tight schedule). I'm not sure what kind of trouble they got into after I left them that night! Someone will have to fill in the blanks!

Saturday ~Ah - the big day of signings and excitement! WOWsie certainly had their share. I knew that Sherie had a HB signing at 10, but was thinking it would be a while after 10 before she got up there. So about 10:00 I was lollygaging with Paul C in the deserted snack bar, talking about some of his early work.  Guess who waltzes in the door? The Head Bean! One of those fun memories!  I knew I had better get over to the Boyds booth, Paul had a signing at 10 anyway, too. I arrived at the Boyds booth about ten minutes after 10, and Gary's already wearing his WOWsie button! (THANK YOU Sherie, by the way!). I thought "Darn! I can't believe I missed it!".  I decided to hang around, take a few photos and wait for Jeannette's signing. All of a sudden, Gary looked over at me and said "I know her! It's the Contest Lady!". Well . .ya coulda knocked me over with a feather! He was kind enough to let me pop in for a quick pic.  But it got even better when Jeanette got there, he let us have another WOWsie pic with him. I can bearly remember the whirlwind of Saturday's show.
Saturday night ~ I should have gone to Harry's dinner I think, instead of the memories dinner. It sounds like Harry's event was fabulous and fun! A better time than the Memories Dinner.
A humorous thing did happen however ~ I ended up crashing a party which I mistook for the Memories dinner!   It took me 45 minutes to realize that I was in the wrong place! I had been concerned that I might be over-dressed for the Memories dinner. But I walked into this party, looked around and saw beautiful dresses, men in nice suits, open bar, about 1000 people. I made myself at home with some wine and chit chat.  But soon it dawned on me that I didn't recognize anyone at the party. There were also several nuns and priests which I didn't remember seeing at the show.  I asked a few questions and realized that I was at a benefit for a handicap organization of Chicago, oooops - yikes!   I slipped out  the door and made my way to the Memories dinner. Of course by that time it had already started, everyone is seated,  a room of 900 people, I go in the door, and guess where Sally's assigned table is? Of course, second to the last table opposite of the door I just came in! Good thing I'm not shy!
I met some very nice folks who were seated at my table. I danced a few times with a couple of nice young men I had met earlier in the week, who took pity on an old lady!  I enjoyed the dancing very much. The food was awful, of course, and  I don't think I'd do that one again next year. After the dinner I ran into the WOWsies at the hotel. They were brimming with exciting news - and I kept asking them to tell me again because I was excited, too! I hope one of them writes out everything that happened at Harry's dinner because I don't want to tell it second hand - I'm sure I'd mess it up! Ladies??

Sunday ~ Another day of show events. The WOWsie signings with Liz, the Boyds Hospitality Room, sort of a repeat of Saturday. We had a WOWsie breakfast together at the Hyatt, yes, complete with horn tooting (don't plan on staying at the Hyatt next year, ladies, our names have been added to a special "list" LOL).  Sunday I collected some souvenirs. I wanted to buy one of the books by Will Bullas (aka the Tooth Fairy). He asked me which one of the two books I liked best, and then he gave it to me as a gift. That was very nice. Please check out his website if you are not familiar with his work. Will BullasIt's very unique!
I also purchased another Selkirk paperweight for John. Last year I got the amazing Snow Queen, this year I came home with Spindrift Rainbow. It will become a rare piece, as for some reason there was a lot of breakage during the making of this, so the design has been stopped. It's a beauty!   I purchased 2 of the Cardew LE paint cans as well.
We said our WOWsie good-byes about 5pm. Poor Michelle ended up taking everyone's overflow of goodies home with her. We just couldn't get everything stuffed into the suitcases. Thanks for doing that, Michelle!
For me, Rosemont 2000  was an experience that will always hold wonderful memories of some very special ladies!
~ Sally
PS - When do we start planning Rosemont 2001?

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