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The Webspresso Boyds Cafe is open, with a wonderful menu of tasty Boyds treats! Our Chefs at the Boyds Cafe can satisfy your Boyds Cravings! Please make your selections from our menu, and  help yourself to seconds and thirds (no one is counting!). Our Cafe is open 24 hours a day, so stop by whenever you are hungry for Boyds info. All pages listed below are part of the Webspresso Web Site!

Boyds Bears Cafe
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Boyds Cafe
Have some hearty helpings of Boyds Info! These generous portions have been cooked up by some very special Boyds Chefs in the Webspresso Kitchen!

updated 2/22/01 Boyds Business News  Everyone wants to know what's new! We try our best to keep you informed!
FREE Boyds Buy and Sell Board - buy, sell or trade here!
7/1 Rosemont 2000 Pix and Memories!
The Contest Lady - win some great Boyds Prizes here!
ASK ANN! Send in your Boyds QVC questions and watch for answers on this new page (flash).   Or skip the flash and go right to the page.
Sally's Boyds For Sale - secondary market
Boyds QVC Show Highlights - Special up to the minute reports from Webspresso's own "Ann Nonimous"
Bob Derr  Meet the father of Burke, and read about the Million Dollar Bear Campaign
The August 22, 1999 Head Bean Signing in UTAH. Tami covered it with a great report & photos!
Check N It III  THE Ultimate Boyds Reference guide for the serious Plush and Accessories Collector.
Chico Report and Pix!  Read about Gary's signing at Chico, California, written by Lizzie Skelton.
Collector's Corner Meet some of your Webspresso Friends, and see their collections. WE always have room for you! Who's here?  Check it out and see!
CVG Errors  This is a guide to both the 99 and 2000 versions.
Dancing Cagney!  A Classic favorite!
Dillard's Boyds Exclusives   Check here for info!
Doris Make Lemonade!  Read all about Doris' "bargain".
Doris and The Head Bean  Another signing with Gary!
FoB and Special Event Boyds Pix   Don't miss out on these!
GCC & POG Info
Jerrod's Trust A delightful story by Gae Sharp-Richardson, for all Boyds Bear Lovers!
Joy Gerow, Boyds Photographer - Great Boyds Cards!

Boyds Cafe
Got the munchies? Are you so hungry you could eat a BEAR?
Here's a  sampling of our "not-Boyds-but-FUN- BEAR" Pages!  Choose from the following scrumptious goodies...

AURORA BEAR See the latest HOT bear design from Gae Sharp-Richardson
Bear Motifs   A brief look at Bears through History
Bear & Card Links Links to the "bestest" bear and cyber card sites
Travels with Pooh  Meet Pooh, our goodwill ambassador, and some of the folks he has cheered up!

Boyds Cafe
Top off your visit to the Boyds Cafe with some Boyds JAVA fun pages- they are sweet!!

KISS THE HEAD BEAN  Here's your chance to plant kisses on The Head Bean! Also, vote for the bearded Gary, or the clean shaven one!

Gophers are eating my Boyds!  Got some time to kill? Check out this fun game. Can you get all the gophers before they destroy your collection?

Ripples Take a peaceful, far out  boat ride with Mercedes Fitzbruin . . . weird!
Are you a Geezer?    Well, are you?? Take this test and find out for sure!
Play Webspresso Concentration! Watch out, it's fun!
Head Bean Quiz-o-rama  So you think you know everything about the Head Bean? This self scoring test will tell you!