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Memories of  the 1999 Rosemont Collectibles Show.
HOT!! See our PIX from Rosemont 2000!
By Sally Jechura

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Better Late Than Never!

June 21, MIDNIGHT,  4 hours late, but Lizzie and I finally met each other at Denver's Union Station! We screamed, hugged, laughed, and later (after boarding the train)  managed to irritate the people sitting around us! So, we slept in the viewing car! 
June 22, shortly after 11 pm (only 8 hours behind schedule now), we at last arrive in Chicago!
Poor Lizzie racked up a total of 58 hours on the train! Don't think we'll find her in any Amtrak station in the near future!

  It was a sugar lover's dream!


June 23 -Lizzie, Amy, Doris and I dropped by the All Candy Expo at Chicago's Navy Pier (courtesy of one of my web site clients). Chocolate, samples, and freebies galore! Better than any trick or treat, right ladies?

From there we visited the awesome Chicago Institute of Art!

Harry and Millie were the "Hosts with the Most!"


June 25, a good time was had by all at the Bear Tales & Trails dinner.   Lizzie, Michelle, me, Amy, Millie Croft and Doris. Michelle's lovely mom snapped the photo for us.

WOWsies on the loose with Jack B!

We had a nice get together in the lounge at the Holiday Inn. Amy, did you EVER have to use that fake ID?
Lizzie, Doris, Sally, Amy, Michelle, Jack B. Once again, Michelle's mom snapped our pic!


Doris meets The Head Bean, AGAIN!


He not only signed her bearstone, he also signed her CVG when Doris pointed out HER pictures which were published in the plush guide.

Sally FINALLY meets the Head Bean!


Doris, thanks for snapping my pic, unfortunately, only the "Gary Half" came out! Lizzie, such a sweet heart, gave me HER signing ticket so I could FINALLY meet Ol' Uncle Bean!  I hadn't planned on taking anything along to be signed, but at the last minute I grabbed Brayburn. Gary signed one ear, and darling Miss Bailey signed the other!

tinybwwhel.gif (1140 bytes)Travelin' Wheelie gets around!
Wheelie  was quite the popular bear at Rosemont.  It's not that he's any better than his Bucchioni Bear classmates, it's just that he's a bit more outgoing  - not at all shy! We just hope all this attention hasn't gone to his bandana wrapped head!  Mr. B, there's a rumor going around that a special friend is in the works for Wheelie, any truth to that?

Wheelie's reunion!

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Travelin' Wheelie checks in with "Dad", after spending months on the road with his WOWsie hosts! After Rosemont, Wheelie said goodbye to Doris and hit the California road with Lizzie.



Wheelie meets the world's foremost tea pot designer (and glitter meister), Mr. Paul Cardew
Wheelie had his eye on the  Teddy Bear Tea Pot in the booth, but I warned him there would be no "five finger discounts", especially since Paul was  gracious enough to pose for this picture with us!

Wheelie meets the press!


We spent time visiting with Thomas, a reporter for a German Collectibles Magazine. He was intrigued with the concept of bear who travels around to different collector's homes.

Bears are NOT for sissies!


This gentleman served as the Rosemont greeter for a few days. He worked in the "Under Construction" Collectibles Booth.  He walked by, saw Wheelie and said "Cool Bear"! Of course we agreed with him!


Wandering around Rosemont, it's very tempting to want  to order "one of everything", from every booth!  I tried to resist, but found myself starting two new collections. Take a look at the next two pages, and you might get addicted, too! The first piece of my new collection!
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My first piece should arrive soon!
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Cardew Designs
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