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Welcome to Club Web (spresso)! This isn't really a club, but rather a gathering of friends (also known as WOWsies) whose contributions and participation have made Webspresso a fun place to be! "Membership" is open to EVERYONE, and we would love for you to join us! Click on the buttons to see what everyone is talking about!

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tpearl.gif (649 bytes) Friendship Circle

Our Friendship Circle was started in Dec 98, and continues on by the sharing of a "friendship basket". New friends are always welcome to join.
tpearl.gif (649 bytes) Recipes Contribute a recipe every month to our recipe page, you could win a prize!
tpearl.gif (649 bytes) The Lounge The Webspresso Lounge is our guest book/bulletin board. Stop by and introduce yourself. Answer our "senseless survey" while you're there!
tpearl.gif (649 bytes) Chat The door to our chat room is always open! Join us in a lively conversation about Boyds Bears, web design, or who knows?
tpearl.gif (649 bytes)Swap We have Swaps every other month. Find out more details from our Swap Co-ordinator, Carol NEW! December Swap Pix!
tpearl.gif (649 bytes) Birthdays We would love to add YOU to our Birthday Page!
tpearl.gif (649 bytes) Collectors Visit our Collector's Corner to meet some fellow Boyds Collectors. Great photos of your favorite Bears!

Apearl.gif (782 bytes) More - yes, there's MORE!

tpearl.gif (649 bytes) WOWsie Choice Sites Visit some of our favorite sites! WOWsies can nominate a site for our award, sally@webspresso.com .
tpearl.gif (649 bytes) New! WOWsie Cards! WOWsie to WOWsie Cyber cards! Enjoy!
tpearl.gif (649 bytes) Traveling Wheelie Many WOWsies have enjoyed entertaining our Traveling Wheelie Bucchioni Bear. You can reserve Wheelie with Doris.  Check out his contest, too!
tpearl.gif (649 bytes) COWsie WOWsie Club Please don't be offended by our name! The COWsie WOWsies are friends who support each other in their weight loss efforts.
tpearl.gif (649 bytes) Sale Board Please feel free to use our Buy/ Sell / Trade board for your collectibles.
tpearl.gif (649 bytes)W.O.W. WOW stands for Women of Webspresso! You can meet some of them here!
tpearl.gif (649 bytes)Getting to know you We created our "getting to know you" page for WOWsies who wish to share more personal information, such as phone numbers and mailing address. This web page is available ONLY to the people who are on it. We recommend putting yourself on this list if you are interested in participating in our Swaps. Please ask Doris, shelby@odyssey.net for the GTKY questionnaire.


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