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        pawbr.gif (1179 bytes)  I talked to Buckingham about the second part of the Bear Repair Procedure. "I will open up your back and pull some of your stuffing out. I have to do this so that I can reach the joint that is by your shoulders. It might look scary - but it won't hurt. Would you like to watch?"

        "You are the Guardian Angel of the Bears and I trust you. But even brave bears close their eyes," thought Buckingham. I smiled and set his head down on the table so that he couldn't see what I was doing.

        I opened up the seam that ran down Buckingham's back and removed some of the white polyester stuffing in the upper part of his body. Then I could reach the wooden disk and cotter pin so I could fix them. I straightened the old cotter pin and pulled it out of the disk and set it with the broken washer that Buckingham had inspected earlier.

        The rest of the Bear Repair Procedure was easy. I had done it many times. Attaching bear heads to their bodies. It was my favorite part of bear making because this is when the Teddy Bears come alive. As soon as their hearts and minds are connected - they become Real. (Would you like to see? Read the next line then click on the heart.)

        pic6.gif (4668 bytes)When Buckingham's head was attached to his body, I carefully replaced the stuffing I had removed. There was one more thing I had to do before I stitched him closed. Mr. Jason Michael Buckingham received his heart for being such a brave and trusting bear. (Click on the heart for a better look!)



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