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        far2.gif (1584 bytes)I put on my wings and I gathered up my angel supplies. Silver scissors, needle and thread. A brand new shiny cotter pin and washer and my green handled pliers. "This won't hurt," I assured Buckingham. "Sometimes it is easier to be brave when you close your eyes," I said. "I once was a sheriff and sheriffs are brave," thought Buckingham and he closed his eyes.

        pic2a.gif (14163 bytes)When Jerrod's mother told me about poor poor Buckingham's accident, I knew right away what had happened. The head of the old cotter pin had pulled through the hole in the wooden joint in Buckingham's head. The first part of Buckingham's Bear Repair Procedure was to open up the bottom of his head and replace the old cotter pin and washer with a new one. When the necessary repairs were made and the new joint was firmly in place, I closed the opening to his head.

        Once his head was repaired Buckingham was curious. He opened his eyes to inspect the little washer that I had removed. I asked him if he wanted to take it home with him. "This little part might scare Jerrod," Buckingham thought.I told him about the shiny little washer I had used for the Bear Repair Procedure. "It's strong and will last forever," I explained. "And the cotter pin that I used is bigger and stronger too. You and Jerrod will be able to wrestle again."

        pic3.gif (29728 bytes)"Will Jerrod know that I am being brave?" thought Buckingham. I put his head up to mine and waved so Jerrod would know that Mr. Jason Michael Buckingham is very brave indeed.





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