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        photo11.gif (46894 bytes)"There, as good as new," I told Buckingham as I inspected his back once I had sewn it shut. His little red heart was safely inside his chest. His neck was strong and he was ready to play."Bear Repair Procedures can sure make a bear thirsty," thought Buckingham. "Would you like a Root Beer?" I asked Mr. Jason Michael Buckingham Bear. We shared a can of pop and ate cookies.



        pic8.gif (44797 bytes)I showed him the bent cotter pin and the two pieces of string that came from his back and let him play with my green handled pliers. It was all very interesting to Buckingham. "I think that Jerrod would like to see the pieces that came out of me," thought Buckingham. I put the little broken pieces in a bag for Buckingham to show Jerrod.


        pic7.gif (75353 bytes)

        Mr. Jason Michael Buckingham was ready to go home and I knew that Jerrod was probably missing his bear. It was a long trip from Iowa to South Dakota - so I gave him a can of Root Beer to drink along the way. Just in case he got thirsty.


        He gave me a great big Buckingham Hug and a slobbery Buckingham Kiss."Thank you," I heard him say. "Thank you for being the Guardian Angel of the Bears." And he waved good-bye from his Tomato Ketchup box.bibA.gif (15983 bytes)

        I wasn't surprised when I heard him speak. I looked him in his eyes and knew he was real. "Thank you, Mr. Jason Michael Buckingham," I whispered. I closed his box and sent him on his way.

        Mr. Jason Michael Buckingham Bear went back to South Dakota the same day he arrived. But on that Wednesday afternoon, he left love and trust behind.

        photo10.gif (65664 bytes)"Thank you, Jerrod, for trusting me with your best friend."
        Cotter Pin Hugs
        far2.gif (1584 bytes)Gae Sharp-Richardson ------- The Guardian Angel of the Bears

        One last word from Mary Jo........
        When Buckingham was returned to us (Thanks, Gae!), he came with an EMPTY can of rootbeer. I thought ,,,, "Hmmmm . . . Gae, what is this?" Of course, Jerrod knew what had happened to the rootbeer right away. "Hey! He was supposed to share that with me! Gae said in her letter! BUCKINGHAM!!"

        As he pulled him out of the box and joyfully ran off with him, I almost thought I saw Buckingham wink at me over Jerrod’s shoulder!?! Is it possible? Naw . . . ?


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