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        pawbr.gif (1179 bytes)The Important Box from South Dakota had arrived. I had been waiting for it. Early Wednesday afternoon it was delivered to my front door. When I opened the flaps of the Tomato Ketchup box - there was the body of Mr. Jason Michael Buckingham Bear carefully holding his head in his lap.  Buckingham wasn't the only thing in the box. It was completely filled with love and trust. Jerrod loved his bear to pieces. Two pieces. And he trusted me to fix him. Even if it meant traveling half way around the world. "Almost that far," Jerrod thought. "And being separated forever," thought Buckingham.

        far2.gif (1584 bytes)Today, I am the Guardian Angel of the Bears. I lifted Mr. Jason Michael Buckingham Bear out of his box. As his body sat in a chair and his head lay on my desk it was easy to see why Jerrod and Buckingham were such good friends. This bear was filled with adventures and had stories to tell. I had a job to do. I needed to connect Mr. Jason Michael Buckingham's heart back to his head so he could whisper in Jerrod's ear again.
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