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Ann Nonimous is the "pen name" of a guest writer on Webspresso, who wishes to remain "anonymous".  We appreciate her hard work and great reports! Tune in for all the highlights from Gary's appearances on QVC!
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AUG 5 Show

Previous Boyds QVC Shows with Gary and Mary Beth
Read Ann's Reports:

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Coming Up Next.....
The next Boyds show on QVC will be an hour of dolls with special guest Diane Combs on August 16th at 9:00 p.m. EDT. Then we will have to wait until November when there will again be a pre-holiday mini-series on Saturdays. Until then, "Happy Boyding"!!!

"Mary Anne with Cubbie" Doll & Bear Set
Item Number C78166 QVC Price $73.75 Shipping and Handling $6.22
From the Boyds Yesterday's Child Collection, Mary Anne is a 19" porcelain doll featuring brown hair and green eyes. She has a porcelain head with resin hands and feet. She wears a brown buttoned down long sleeve dress with black checks and a burgundy design. Her shoes have real shoelaces. Cubbie Checkmate is a 6-1/2" brown archive bear and is fully jointed with a hand embroidered nose and mouth. The set comes with a checkerboard and is limited to 2000 pieces. Also has a certificate of authenticity. The doll, certificate, and hang tag are individually numbered. Made in China

"Christa with Harvey...Back to School" Doll & Bear Set
Item Number C78172 QVC Price $69.75 Shipping and Handling $5.72
From the Yesterday's Child Collection, Christa with Harvey the bear is a 16" porcelain doll with resin hands and feet. She has blonde hair and brown eyes and is wearing a white shirt under a red plaid jumper. She wears a black hat with a plaid bow on the brim. A stack of school books is included. Harvey is a 7" nutmeg fully jointed bear wearing glasses, a blue necktie, a white collar and carrying his lunch bag. This set comes with a certificate of authenticy and is a Limited Edition of 12,000 pieces._Doll and Certificate are numbered. Sculpted by Julie Good-Kruger, Christa is 16" and Harvey is 7".

"Tami with Donna...Halftime" Doll & Bear Set
Item Number C78162 QVC Price $79.75 Shipping and Handling $6.22
From the Boyds Yesterday's Child Collection comes Tami with Donna...Halftime doll and bear. Tami, a14" porcelain doll features blond hair with blue eyes, and is wearing an off white sweater with a "B" embroidered on the front. Her skirt is navy and off white with burgundy trim. She comes with 2 pom poms. Donna, a 6" beige archive bear, wears a burgundy sweater with a "B" embroidered on the front with a navy, and an ivory skirt with burgundy trim. Tami has a porcelain face and resin hands and feet. This is a Limited Edition of 4000 pieces and it comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The hang tag and doll are also numbered.

"Cassidy with Buttons...Dollmaker" Doll & Bear Set
Item Number C78173 QVC Price $79.75 Shipping and Handling $6.22
Cassidy is a porcelain doll with resin hands and feet. Her skirt is red and beige plaid and her cotton pullover sweater is trimmed with ribbons. Her hat has a tan rolled brim with a band that matches her skirt. She has auburn hair and green eyes and measures 17" . With her is a 4" marionette doll. "Buttons" the bear is an off white chenille archive bear fully jointed with embroidered nose and mouth. He measures 6". A small doll in a blue dress with lace and beaded trim measures 5 1/4". The set also includes a resin sewing basket, measuring 3"deep x 3"W x 3"H. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate, and doll are numbered and a Limited Edition of 12,000.

"Chelsea with Drowsy...Night, Night" Doll & Bear Set
Item Number C78167 QVC Price $37.75 Shipping and Handling $4.47
From The Boyds Yesterday's Child Collection, Chelsea is a 12" porcelain doll, featuring red hair with green eyes. She wears a light blue nightgown and matching bloomers. To complete her outfit she wears knit booties and matching bows in her hair. Her head is porcelain and she has resin hand and feet. The set comes with a resin bottle and quilt. "Drowsy", a T.F. Wuzzie, is beige and fully jointed with a hand embroidered nose and mouth. This is a Limited Edition of 2500 pieces and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The doll is 12" high and the Wuzzie bear is 2 1/2".

"Kayla with Rugby...Rugbeater" Doll & Bear Set
Item Number C78164 QVC Price $79.75 Shipping and Handling $6.22
From the Yesterday's Child Collection, comes Kayla a 16" porcelain doll with resin hands and feet. She features brown hair and eyes and wears a burgundy and cream plaid dress under a beige pinafore with green heart shaped buttons. Rugby holds a rug beater and the set includes a rug and rug beater for the doll. She has real shoelaces in her resin shoes. Rugby is a 6" beige archive bear and wears a matching jumper with a burgundy bow. Kayla has a porcelain head with resin hands and feet. Limited to 2000 pieces, the set comes with a certificate of authenticity. Measurement of the doll is 16"H and the bear is 6"H.

QVC Collector's Day ~ August 5, 2000
Boyds lovers had to get up very early in the morning on Collector's Day if they wanted to view all three Boyds Bears and Friends shows! The first aired at 5:00 a.m. Eastern Time and mainly featured presentations of items from previous shows. I was more awake for the 9:00 a.m. resin show with QVC hostess Jill Bauer and her special guest, the Headbean Hisself, Gary Lowenthal, so first let's talk about resins!

The star of that show was definitely "Grace Z. Crumpleton...Chantel's House". This was the debut of a brand new line called the Boyds Crumpletons Collection. A totally new concept for Boyds, they are a combination of resin and "bear-mache". (Boyds version of paper mache.) Grace was a Premier Limited Edition of only 2400 pieces. She measured about 12" tall and patterned after the "Grace and Jonathan...Born to Shop" Bearstone. A lace collar trimmed her dress and there was a ribbon rosette on her hat that still had a price tag dangling from the brim! Shopping bags and boxes filled her arms. Additional "Crumpletons" won't be appearing until next spring. Gary advised that Grace would need to be "fluffed up" or stuffed with tissue after having traveled in her packing box.

This show was loaded with Premier Editions, including the next six houses in the Bearly Built Village Collection. As a matter of fact, "Punky Boobear's Haunted Halloween House" was such a favorite that it sold out before it could even be presented. The Bearly Built Village Collection premiered last Spring, and these whimsical little resin houses, like the first ones in the series, were highly detailed and had roofs that lifted off to reveal a little removable vignette. The inside walls of the each cottage had further detailing and a there was a special quotation printed their floors. The other five cottages offered on this show were "Bearly Well Clinic", Madge's Beauty Salon and Bait Shop", "Cocoa's House of Chocolate "," Matthew's Bungalow" and "Volunteer Fire Station". All were hand numbered Premier Editions, came with a deed and Village map, and included three- piece accessory sets in separate boxes. Gary announced that during the holiday mini-series there will be a QVC exclusive Bearly Built Village piece!

A new Bearstone figurine, "Emmett Cleansweep...Some Jobs Are Tougher Than Others" was an adorable bear dressed in a clown costume with a big red nose, black hat and coat, lavender pants and a big red bow at his neck. He carried a broom and dustpan and it seems that his job is to follow the elephants in the big circus parade that is going to be the F.o.B. theme for 2001. It's a nasty job, but someone's got to do it! Emmett was also a Premier Edition.

During the presentation of the new Purrstone, Gary made a decision to make this not only a Premier Edition of 4,800, but also a QVC Exclusive, so I hope you were quick to order little "Sushi Stickiepaws"! This mixed media resin figurine featured a clear bowl filled with "water" and a fish, and a mini "real" fishing net. Sushi was dressed in overalls with back pockets to hold his fork, spoon and net. Gary commented that he loved the innocent looking eyes and the mouth with the tongue licking its chops. It reminded of his son, Matthew's "innocent" look! Like all Purrstones, Sushi had "real" whiskers.

Another PE, "Kendra with Kassidy and Lil' Pete...Garden Friends" featured a gardening girl wearing antique-looking clothing and holding her teddy. There was a watering can with a tiny drop of water coming out of the spout as well as a dragonfly on a spring. Lil' Pete was a bunny holding a carrot. When this Dollstone comes out in the regular retail line in the spring of '01, it will have a resculpted face with more of a smile.

Because items were selling out quickly, a couple of things from the plush line were offered on the resin show. "Pookie W. Penworth and Midnight Sneekypuss" were a set of two cats with the Boyds "screen door" crooked tails. Pookie is one of the first calico cats Boyds has done and she was adorable with her one black ear! Midnight, as you would expect from his name, was an all-black cat, adorned with an orange ribbon around his neck. On one paw, Midnight had a soft stuffed orange velour pumpkin on a green loop. These little darlings will coordinate well with many other Boyds Fall items.

You needed a very fast dialing finger to order the set of three Wuzzies! Tabble, the black cat in an orange sweater was a QVC launch. T.F., a brown bear-witch dressed in a black mesh skirt, orange neck ribbon and black witch's hat and Trick, a brown bear in an orange velvet pumpkin costume with green velvet collar and pumpkin hat are both in the Fall regular retail line. They sold out in a flash!

The last products from the resin hour that I want to tell you about, were the set of two Uncle Bean's Treasure Boxes. This is also a fairly new Collection by Boyds, and this set featured a birdhouse and a hatbox. Made of resin and highly detailed, all the little boxes in this collection have been adopted by mice as their homes, so they have a tiny mouse hole on the back. Inside each there is removable tray. On the hatbox tray there was a hat displayed, and underneath a mouse was hiding. The lift out tray in the birdhouse held binoculars, birdseed, and a diploma from flight school. The little mouse inside was wearing his aviator glasses and reading the book "How to Fly".

The Evening Show
It's always fun to speculate about how The Headbean will be dressed when he appears on QVC, and I'd seen some interesting suggestions on various internet sites for what he might come up with for this show. However, no one guessed how lucky we were that Gary Lowenthal, a.k.a. Vito Morris O'Riley, etc. alias, "Da Nose", had apparently been released from the "slammer" just in time to "don" his white suit, black shirt and white tie, slick back his hair and join Mary Beth Roe on QVC for two more hours of Boyds Bears and Friends.

First up was a real "hunka bear", Hoskins Q. Hugmeister. At 30" tall he's the largest shaggy chenille bear ever done by Boyds. Sporting a red, tan and black checked bow around his neck, this lovable, lap full was designed with lots of bean filling, but had stitching across his elbows and knees to make his arms and legs extra floppy.

Another first was Abdul Duneworthy, Boyds first plush camel. From the Archive Collection, Abdul had two humps on his back and was formally dressed in a white collar and black bow tie. His designer, Tammy was inspired by a camel in a nativity set. I plan to pose Abdul with my Toby F. Wuzzie on his back. He was a QVC launch, but when he appears in the regular retail line, he won't be wearing the collar and tie.

Mary Louise Bearington no doubt delighted mohair lovers,, a 10" soft-bodied blended beige mohair with a sweet angelic face. Gary said that with the nice shaving on her artist styled nose, she was his pick of the show. A sheer burnt orange voile ribbon was tied in a fluffy bow around her neck and her black velvet hat was trimmed with a large burnt orange silk flower and black veil. She was an exclusive Limited Edition of 7,500.

Featured in the QVC spotlight along with Mary Louise, were QVC exclusives LaDonna and Darlene Du Beary. These darling set of brown chenille bears had dark green damask woven check ribbons at their necks and wore burnt orange velour hats with burnt orange silk flowers. LaDonna was the larger at 10" and Darlene was a 6" cutie.

I was charmed by Allison Bearburg, a 16" mocha plush big ear bear who looked like a cuddly baby in her bibbed romper with cuffed legs and matching ear bow. The romper was done in a green mini-check fabric inspired by an antique quilt and the bib featured Boyds Bearwear buttons. Allison was another QVC exclusive.

Because he sold out before he could be presented on the air, I'm afraid the story behind the Gary B. Bean "Commemorative Edition" 10 1/2" chenille bear will remain a mystery to all of us. He was a QVC exclusive and all that we heard about him in the preview was that he is a reproduction of the first Boyds beanbag bear. He is a darling bear - light tan with brown hard felt paw pads, long arms and very long legs and black shoe button eyes. His neck ribbon is burgundy satin and a black satin ribbon with gold lettering is stitched to his left footpad. It reads "Commemorative Edition" and has a gold paw print.

Mary Beth's Pick of the Show was Abigail A. Beanster, a delightful 10" white shaggy chenille "bobble-head" bean filled bear. A launch by QVC, Abigail was wearing a navy cotton fabric ribbon decorated with stars around her neck. She was a fast sell-out.

My own Pick of the Show would have to have been Giseppi Renaldi, an exclusive designed by bear artist Jodi Battaglia. Not a Jodibear this time, but a fully jointed brown and tan MONKEY, he was dressed in a blue jacket with a light tan collar and cuffs trimmed with red knot buttons and his pants were a tan and burgundy woven mini stripe. On his head he had a gold hat with two navy ribbon bands, and topped with a burgundy ball. His arms and legs are wired and he can be posed to look like he's playing the trumpet that is in his hand. His sweet little face can't help but make you smile!

Speaking of sweet faces, the next bear certainly had that and more. She was Diane D. Beansford with Topsey F. Wuzzie. Diane's was also wearing a sweet blue and cream mini-plaid dress and matching headband. Topsey was sitting in the front pocket of her dress which also had a square cream collar embroidered with two strawberries. There was some discussion about those "strawberries" because they looked a bit like apples, but Gary, "Da Nose" said Liz emphatically told him they were strawberries, and even a tough guy knows better than to argue with Liz Smith! Strawberries or apples, it didn't seem to matter to viewers, since this set was a complete sell-out.

The next set of 6" bears was Abigail and Beryl Bramblebeary, two "Best Friends". Abigail, a cinnamon plush dressed in a green and tan mini-check dress with a matching bow on her head had tan bloomers with "Friends" embroidered on the back. Beryl was a gold plush wearing a burgundy, green and tan small plaid dress with a ruffled tan collar and matching bow. She had "Best" embroidered on her bloomers. A perfect gift for sisters or friends!

The next item was another special favorite of the Headbean and another QVC exclusive. Whitley B. Beriluved was an off-white faux mohair beanbag patched bear, similar to Patches and Tatters from a previous show. Whitley measured about 10" and had a kidney shaped body, bent knees, short feet and long bent arms. She had a peach colored patch on the front of her belly and was wearing a pink floral fabric bow around her neck. She sold out very quickly.

Mary Beth found the names of Ferdinand Bullsworth and Clovis Hoofheifer to be real tongue twisters. Try saying them fast a couple of times and you'll see why she was having trouble! This set of two 8" fully jointed plush cows was very spiffy in their bandannas. Ferdinand, a black and cream combo with tan horns had a burgundy and tan ticking bandanna. Clovis' was a dark navy background with mini-stars and matched the bow between her dark brown corduroy horns. She was a brown and cream plush combo.

Liz does pick some cute names, especially for the Boyds cats, and Snooker T. Sootyfoot was a good choice for the 14" plush Siamese fully jointed beanbag cat. A QVC launch, Snooker had blue eyes and was wearing a burgundy damask check ribbon around her neck to highlight her black ears, paws, feet and muzzle.

Another QVC launch was the set of three Folk Art Ornaments, Flora, Farrah and Fannie. These non-jointed, 5 1/2" ladies were wearing woven plaid dresses with ribbon bows on the collars and matching headbands and bloomers. Flora was an off-white rabbit in green and tan country plaid dress and solid tan pants. Farrah was a black and cream cat in a green and tan mini-check dress and striped pants. Last but not least, Fannie was a gold bear wearing a burgundy and green mini-check dress with coordinating burgundy and green plaid pants. They all came with satin ribbon hangers.

As usual the show included several items from the fall line which will be available at your local retailer, along with some repeats from previous QVC shows. There were also some brand new items, which were listed on the QVC website, but didn't appear on the Collector's Days shows. They were Alexandra and Belle, C 78130 a set of two 10" dressed plush bears with resin telephones, and Michelle B. Bearsley, C 78137, a 9" plush bear wearing a hand embroidered sweater with scallops at the edges.

EXCLUSIVES: Allison Bearburg, Diane D. Beansford and Topsey F. Wuzzie, Gary B. Bean, Giseppi Renaldi, LaDonna and Darlene DuBeary, Mary Louise Bearington, Whitley B. Beariluved, Grace Z. Crumpleton, and Sushi Stickiepaws Purrstone.

LAUNCHES: Abdul Duneworthy (will not have collar and tie), Abigail A.Beanster, Flora, Farrah, and Fannie Ornaments, Snooker T. Sootyfoot, Tabble, T. F. And Tricky Set of three Wuzzies

PREMIER EDITIONS: Bearly Built Villages (Punky Boobear's Haunted Halloween House, Bearly Well Clinic, Madge's Beauty Salon and Bait Shop, Cocoa's House of Chocolate, Volunteer Fire Station and Matthew's Bungalow), Emmett Kleansweep Bearstone, Kendra with Kassidy and Lil' Pete Dollstone (face will be resculpted),

DIDN'T SAY (sorry, I wish I knew too!): Abigail and Beryl Bramblebeary, Ferdinand Bullsworth and Clovis Hoofheifer, Hoskins Q. Hugmeister, Pooki W. Penworthy and Midnight Sneakypuss, Uncle Bean's Treasure Boxes - Hatbox and Birdhouse

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