The COWsie WOWsie Mooootivational
Weight Loss Club!

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All the details of our activites, contests, chats, etc can be found on the Cowsie Board.
MANY THANKS to our fearless COWsie Leaders:
Diane mcdc@netway.com  &  Tami tami@tacisp.com

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Ode penned by a Cowsie Wowsie
Prize winning poem by Doris

This hefty Wowsie has taken a vow,
To stop grazing like a Cow.
I have pledged to do my best,
To cut those calories and eat less.
To get up and move my hips,
Work those abs, and not my lips!
Spring right out of my comfy chair,
Pass the elevator and take the stair.
And when I hear my tummy rumble,
Or sometimes if I slip or stumble,
I'll remember that those treadmill miles
Will soon pay off in smaller styles.
New bears will help to lift my mood,
I'll gain nothing but a positive attitude.
My Cud Buds will get lots of email,
And with Wowsie Power we will not fail!
I don't care about diamonds, or furs or wealth,
What I need is true friends and better health.
This is a battle I know I can win
There's a SKINNY me under that double chin!!!

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COWsie WOWsie Pledge
I promise on my honor as a Wowsie, that today I am making a new beginning and doing something for myself and those who care about me and my well-being. As of right now:

I will eat healthy food and drink plenty of pure water and I will keep a positive attitude.

I will seek nutritious recipes and low fat dishes and share them with my fellow Cowsies.

I will exercise and keep on the "moo"ve and work as diligently to feel good about myself as I do to find a new bear or moose.

I will keep in touch with my "Cud Bud" and we will help and support each other through the good times and bad.

I will post motivational thoughts for everyone to read and support my friends in their times of need.

I will celebrate all successes and forgive myself and anyone who slightly digresses, knowing that each new day is a new opportunity.

I will do my best to set and meet my personal goals, and our Wowsie goal to be healthy, fit and feeling like a cool chick instead of a hefty heifer.

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BettySusie Carol Cheryl Debi Molly Diane Lady Di
DonnaBessie Doris Bossie ErikaMaggie Moo Glennis Rosebud Jeanette Toodles
JoyIsabelle LizzieSophie Mary LizTessie MichelleClara NancyElsie
PriscillaLucille Sally Sharon Libby ShelleyBetty Lou SherieBelle
Tami Pearl VickieSadie Dottie Janice Joanie

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