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Everyone is welcome to nominate sites for our award (yes, you may nominate your own site). We call it the "WOWsie Choice" award because WOWsies* have great taste in websites!  The Criteria for winning our award is:
1) The nominated site be a friendly and fun place;

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2) The general atmosphere of the site agrees with our official Webspresso WOWsie Motto of "All Bears Welcome Here!"

Send your nominations in today! Be sure to include the Name of the Site; the URL to the homepage; Your Name; and Why you are nominating the site. Send to: Awards@webspresso.com
Please put " WOWsie award" in the subject heading of your e-mail

*What is a WOWsie? Someone who likes to play at Webspresso. If you are reading this, you are probably a WOWsie, too!

sampleaward.gif (10097 bytes) Congratulations to the Web Sites below. They have all won our award!

This award created Jan, 2000. The newest winners are at the top.
Sample of our award. Winners will be sent the actual award and posting instructions .

Turtle Clip Art
The Computer Lady Klein Family Adventures Meagon's Boyds Wolvie
D Filipino Connection Collectibles N More Mill Creek Collectibles Cyber Web
Ann's Art Fun Collections Special Moments The Old Blue Barn
Big Grizz/ Timberlake PartyShop Bears N Buddies HobbyBear.com


Bear Pause

Bear Haven

Miss Sniff's Site

Doris' Bears & Family

Roseberry's Patch

The Ramos  Web

The Bear Museum